Koan is the collaboration of six young photojournalists united to further their goals
of providing engaging visual stories around the world, amidst the changing industry landscape.

Kōan is the collaboration of six young journalists exploring both new and traditional means of communication and creating unique narratives - through text, photography and the moving image - that present distinct ways of seeing and understanding the world

Recognizing the challenge of navigating the changing landscape of freelance visual journalism, we joined together to use each individual’s talents and experiences to support one another with personal projects, foster creativity, and showcase work to a greater audience.

Kōan (n): a question or an anecdote used to inspire deeper understanding of the world. Photography, like kōans, offers the potential for new ways of seeing that is limited only by how closely we are willing to look.

Feel free to contact us as a group via email at koancollective@gmail.com

Clients and Publications: 

Associated Press
Dallas Morning News        ESPN
Getty Images Harper's Bazaar
Huffington Post Internazionale
LA Times Mother Jones
MSN National Geographic
NBC New York Times
Newsweek People Magazine
Reebok Reuters 
Rolling Stone Spin
Sports Illustrated  Texas Tribune
The Guardian The Washington Post
Time  Titelist
Us Weekly USA Today
Vice Wall Street Journal